What is the cost of a Bosley Hair Restoration Procedure?

What is the cost of a Bosley Hair Restoration Procedure?

Bosley Hair Restoration Procedure…How much does it cost?

“How much does Bosley hair restoration surgery cost?” is a frequently asked question Bosley gets from their prospective patients, which is understandable given that it is a medical procedure in which costs vary by individuals, and not a bottle of solution with a fixed retail price.  The first step to exploring the cost of a hair restoration procedure is to meet with a Bosley Counselor who will help answer your general questions on the causes of hair loss and inform you of effective hair loss treatments available today.  These other non-surgical hair loss treatments could complement hair transplant surgery as part of a comprehensive hair restoration plan.

Bosley Counselors are thoroughly trained, some are patients themselves who enjoy the benefits of hair restoration and are able to provide insight into what the procedure offers. During your consultation they will provide the cost estimate for a hair transplant procedure as well as discuss any available financing options. Before you move forward with the procedure, a Bosley physician needs to determine if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.

The typical Bosley patient will invest anywhere from four thousand to twelve thousand dollars on average for a hair transplant procedure, which is generally priced on a per-graft basis i.e. the greater the number of grafts the higher the cost, though patients enjoy a lower cost per graft the more grafts the procedure needs. As you can imagine then, because not everyone shares the same hair loss pattern and hair restoration goals, the costs are not something that can be confirmed without an in-person consultation. Your Bosley physician will take into consideration the current level of hair loss, donor hair availability and donor hair characteristics, among other things, to come up with your personalized treatment plan and cost.

Some Bosley patients opt to use available financing through third party credit agencies. Financing the cost of your Bosley Hair Transplant Technologyprocedure or treatment from Bosley might be helpful in managing out-of-pocket expense and allow the patients to proceed with the procedure sooner than later.

The free hair and scalp analysis provided during your consultation can provide guidance on the size of the procedure needed to achieve your personal goals. Following are sample payment plans provided by third party credit agencies:

Bosley Hair Transplant Cost

Following are Bosley patient testimonials. Patients share their experiences in dealing with hair loss, why they chose Bosley, the hair transplant surgery process and results they achieved:

†Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See provider for details. All figures are estimates. Actual monthly payments will vary from lender to lender based upon the amount financed, the terms for which you apply, and your credit standing. Rates for various lenders’ programs range from 3.99% to 28.99%. Additional terms and conditions may apply depending on the lender selected. All information subject to change without notice.

Financing is provided by independent finance lenders, and the lenders independently approve the financing and its terms and conditions. Bosley does not receive any compensation upon the submission or lender’s independent approval of an application. Submission of an application does not obligate you to use the lender to finance a procedure and no amounts are charged until you agree to undergo a procedure. A Bosley physician must confirm that you are a candidate for surgical hair restoration.