Where to Watch Hair Transplant Videos Online

May 29, 2012
Where to Watch Hair Transplant Videos Online

The Bosley Medical YouTube Channel is where you can watch a variety of hair restoration related videos including:  actual hair transplant procedures, time-lapse hair restoration results, the consultation process, eyebrow restoration results and the new FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure as it is performed.

The following playlist includes many Question and Answer hair loss related videos answered by Bosley physicians.  Some of the questions include:  Is Propecia more effective than Rogaine, How does eyebrow restoration work,  Is it true that rubbing/brushing scalp can stimulate Hair Growth, Does hair loss commonly affect intellectual people more than others, Do blonds suffer from hair loss more than brunettes and many more.



One of the most recent advancements in permanent hair restoration is the follicular unit extraction procedure.

Using the FUE technique, the Bosley physician  extracts individual follicles that contain 1-3 hairs.  These follicles are taken from the donor area and moved to areas of thinning or baldness.  This differs from the FUT procedure where follicles are dissected microscopically from the donor strip that has already been removed from the patient.

The following video features a Bosley physician performing the new Follicular Unit Extraction procedure:

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