Understanding Hair Transplant Cost – Bosley Medical – Seattle, WA

Understanding Hair Transplant Cost – Bosley Medical – Seattle, WA

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The Bosley Medical Surgical office in Seattle, Washington is located at:

2505 2nd Ave.
Suite 715
Seattle, WA  98121
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Additional information on the Bosley office in Seattle is available at the office website.

To better understand the causes of hair loss, treatment options and cost, Bosley offers a free DVD and Information Kit  as well as a free, private consultation.  Though the DVD and Information Kit will answer many of your hair loss questions, some prefer an in-person meeting to have their questions answered.  Some Bosley Senior Counselors experience the benefits of permanent hair restoration and are able to provide a unique perspective on the procedure.

Your private consultation will be with a Bosley Senior Counselor who is thoroughly trained and will answer your general questions on hair loss and treatments while providing a typical range of cost.  Only a Bosley physician can determine whether or not you are a candidate for hair transplant surgery and provide you with a definitive answer on cost.

Generally speaking though, the cost of hair transplant surgery is determined on a “per graft” basis with consideration given to your specific hair replacement needs and goals.  For this reason it’s not realistic to provide online estimates or by phone, but rather, in a consultation with a Bosley physician.

Your Bosley physician will ultimately establish a plan with you and determine cost based on desired results, current hair loss, donor hair availability and characteristics of your donor hair e.g. texture, color and curl.

The Norwood Scale illustrates hair loss in men with classes 2-6.  We can use this scale to provide a very general range of the number of grafts required for restoration, though your own cost will be determined by individual needs.

The Norwood Scale

It’s important to note that as the number of hairs transplanted in a procedure increases, the “cost per graft” lowers, so 1200 grafts is not twice the cost of 600 grafts.

-a class II-IV restoration could be 600-1200 grafts
-a class IV-VI restoration could be 1500-3000 grafts
-eyebrow restoration could be 50-200 grafts

Consultations are available at more than 70 Bosley surgical and consultation offices located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  If you are outside the Seattle area, use the Bosley Office Locator tool at Bosley.com to find the office most convenient for you.

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