Technological Advancements in Hair Restoration – Cloning and Hair Regeneration

August 23, 2012
Technological Advancements in Hair Restoration – Cloning and Hair Regeneration


Aderans Research is attracting attention in the medical community once again; this time, the leader in cellular based hair regeneration made waves at the 2012 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference in Maui.

“Our cell engineering process continues to be one of the most promising avenues on the horizon for treatment of androgenetic alopecia,” commented Vern Liebmann, Chief Operating Officer. “Our clinical trial is going strong, and we are working to conclude Phase 2 by next year, which will take us one step closer to finding a cure.”

As developments in hair regeneration continue other recent advancements are also having an impact on thinning hair and baldness.

The Bosley LaserComb®for example, uses a process called photo-biostimulation.  This process delivers laser energy to hair follicles  increasing blood flow and improving circulation in the scalp.  Increasing blood flow in the

Bosley Laser Comb

Bosley Laser Comb for Men and Women

scalp helps to deliver vital nutrients as well as effectively remove waste products.

The Laser Comb is the only FDA approved medical device and drug free solution available for the treatment of hair loss.  The Bosley LaserComb  is clinically proven to promote hair growth, grow stronger hair, inhibit hair loss and increases blood flow in the scalp.

Hair transplantation has also had recent advancements with the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure.

Using this new procedure, individual follicular units are extracted from the “donor area” and transplanted to areas that are thinning or bald. A follicular unit typically contains 1-3 hairs but can contain as high as 4.

In men the “donor area” is the sides and back of the head. It’s in these areas that the hair and follicles are resistant to the hair thinning hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT causes hair to thin over time, eventually to the point of falling out and causing male-pattern baldness, which is characterized by thinning in the temple and crown areas of the head.

View the Norwood and Ludwig Scales that illustrate hair loss progression for men and women.

To learn more about the advancements in permanent hair restoration schedule a free, private consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor  at a Bosley Office near you.

The FUE procedure is explained as it is performed in the following video: