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Most people take their eyebrows for granted but when you see someone whose eyebrows are thin, tattooed, or absent it’s very noticeable.

Kelley Becker Before and After

Kelley Becker Before and After

Kelley becker, who was featured on The Tyra Banks Show, was born with almost no brow hair. Kelley opted to use heavy pencil application but was not satisfied with the unnatural results leaving her self-conscious and embarrassed.  Eventually, she found a permanent eyebrow solution with Bosley Medical.  Her results provided a dramatic boost to her self-esteem.

Permanent eyebrows can be achieved with Bosley’s restoration procedure.  Eyebrows can be completely restored, a fuller, more natural brow line can be achieved and small areas of hair loss can be touched-up.

The procedure is remarkably simple and is done on an outpatient basis using the same microtechnologies as Bosley’s follicular unit transplantation.

Tara Bilbao Before and After Eyebrow Enhancement

Tara Bilbao Before and After Eyebrow Enhancement

Tara Bilbao over-plucked her eyebrows when a thinner look was more prominent.  Eventually, her eyebrows did not grow back to the natural and full brow line that she wanted.  Tara turned to Bosley for the latest advances in eyebrow restoration to achieve her goal.

Generally speaking, an eyebrow touch-up involves up to 100 grafts.  A touch-up is for those with small areas of hair loss due to scars, over-plucking, and genetic causes.

An eyebrow enhancement, like Tara’s mentioned above, ranges from 101-199 grafts per procedure. Typically, patients are satisfied with a single procedure though a touch-up can be done later if both the doctor and patient agree it would be beneficial.

Kelley Becker, who had almost no brow hair, opted for a full eyebrow restoration.  Full eyebrow restoration procedures typically involve 200 or more grafts with most finding that a single procedure is sufficient.

Before and after photos of Bosley eyebrow restoration patients are available in the gallery.

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The video below features Kelley Becker on The Tyra Banks Show: