Marc’s Hair Transplant Results at Bosley

Marc’s Hair Transplant Results at Bosley

Marc received a wake-up call when he noticed an increase in hair shedding in his sink and shower.  Marc’s hair loss and receding hairline started affecting his work and personal relationships.  After researching he decided to contact a Bosley physician to learn more about hair transplantation.

“I like sports.  I like the beach.  I like going out to eat at nice restaurants, theater.  One of my favorite things is just put the top down on the car and drive out to the beach.  That’s a wonderful thing.

The first time I noticed my hair loss was [when] I saw that my hairline was receding.  You see it in the sink.  You see it in the shower.  And it’s really a wake-up call because at that point you can’t delude yourself anymore into thinking that it’s not happening.

It definitely affected all aspects of my life – work, personal relationships.  Not only was I constantly thinking about it, but I noticed other people looking at it.  I call it the ‘eye shift’.  One minute they’re looking at you in the eyes, and the next thing you know their eyes are going up.

For me, it was more – I call it a preemptive strike – let me get in there and do something now before it gets “worse.”  Hair loss is progressive; if you do nothing about it, it’s just going away.  So with the help of Bosley, it enabled me to retain the hair that I had and restore the hair that I left.  So, I was ahead of it.

Bosley doctors, not only are they phenomenal from a scientific standpoint, they’re truly artists – they’re the Picasso’s of hair restoration.

Color it, cut it, style it, do anything you want to it – that’s the best part.  You get your hair back and you get on with the rest of your life.

Now that I have my hair back, I have a renewed sense of self-confidence.  I mean, just going out, talking to people – it’s completely different, I just feel like a new person now that I have my hair back.”

Marc had progressive hair loss and was considered Class 5 as illustrated by the Norwood Scale.  Hair loss classes range from 2-6.  Even with Marc’s level of hair loss he was able to have it permanently restored at Bosley.  Now with a perfectly natural look and all of his hair back he is able to go on with the lifestyle he enjoys.

Bosley offers free, no-obligation consultations with a counselor at 70 locations throughout the U.S.   Learn more about hair loss causes and the only permanent solution to hair loss, hair transplantation.