5333 Westheimer Road, Suite 560
Houston, TX  77056


Bosley in Houston is located at 5333 Westheimer Road, three blocks west of I-610 West Loop, and adjacent to the Galleria shopping center.


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About our Houston Location

Advances in medical science have resulted in the world’s first and only permanent hair loss treatment, and you can find it at Bosley Medical Houston. In a simple outpatient procedure, Bosley Medical physician Dr. Cary Feldman utilizes follicular unit transplantation techniques to restore thinning and balding areas of the scalp. He recreates a natural hairline using units of one to four hairs each, the way nature does it. Your results will be subtle and natural looking — virtually undetectable to the naked eye. The Bosley Medical method has been proven effective and emphasizes a high degree of artistry in implementing a custom-designed treatment plan designed for each patient. Consultations are free and scheduled at your convenience. Visit our Bosley Medical Houston location for details on the latest and most modern hair transplant options available today.

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