In 1974, Dr. L. Lee Bosley, M.D., founded Bosley Medical.  Dr. Bosley has personally performed more than 32,500 procedures comprised of over 3 million individual grafts.  Dr. Bosley continues to help select and train the physicians affiliated with Bosley Medical.

Bosley Medical has performed more hair transplant procedures than any other medical group in the world.  Bosley Medical has performed over 230,000 hair restoration procedures for men and women from over 60 countries.

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Many of the major advancements in the field of hair transplantation have been pioneered by Bosley over the last 30 years.  The advancements in permanent hair restoration, micro-technologies and the skill and artistry of Bosley physicians are what create a perfectly natural look and virtually undetectable hairline for Bosley patients.

Carefully taken into consideration by Bosley physicians are facial structure along with current hairline, coarseness of your hair, the hair color and curl.  Bosley physicians consider the current age of the patient and the long-term appearance when developing an overall treatment plan. Bosley physicians take into account future hair loss to ensure that the hair restoration looks good next year and 20-30 years from now.

Bosley physicians are a group of full-time physicians that each have a minimum of 10 years surgical experience, are board certified (or have equivalent credentials), and are carefully selected based on surgical skill.  All Bosley physicians have extensive and ongoing training.  The Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director work personally with Bosley physicians to provide this training.  Combined, the Bosley group of physicians has over 90 years of hair restoration experience.

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Today there are more than 80 Bosley locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Use the Office Locator at to find the most convenient location for you.

Before and after pictures of men and women who have had Bosley permanent hair restoration can be seen in the Bosley Results Gallery.  The gallery includes interactive tools that provide insight into the results attainable with the hair transplant procedure.  The Hairline Magnifier, for example, provides a very up-close look at Bosley restored hairlines showing how virtually undetectable they are.  The Before and After Slider is a fantastic interactive tool that shows the specific differences after Bosley permanent hair restoration for a variety of hair loss classes as defined by the Norwood Scale.

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