How Does Eyebrow Restoration Work? Dr. Suddleson of Bosley Explains

July 12, 2012
How Does Eyebrow Restoration Work?  Dr. Suddleson of Bosley Explains


Thinning or completely absent eyebrows can be due to genetic causes, over-plucking and scars.  A permanent solution to restore full, shapely and well formed eyebrows is available at Bosley.

Generally speaking Bosley eyebrow restoration is either a complete restoration, an enhancement or a touch-up.

  • Full Eyebrow Restoration: For those who have almost no brow hair. A typical full brow restoration ranges from 200 or more total grafts per procedure with most finding that one procedure is sufficient.
  • Eyebrow Touch-Up: Typically involves up to 100 grafts and are for those who have small areas of hair loss due to over-plucking, genetic causes, and scars.
  • Eyebrow Enhancement: Ranges from 101-199 grafts per procedure. Most patients are satisfied with a single procedure though if both patient and doctor agree that it would be beneficial, a touch-up can be done later.

Dr. Suddleson of Bosley Medical Beverly Hills discusses how Eyebrow Restoration works in the following video:

Bosley patient before and after eyebrow restoration results can be seen at the Bosley G+ Gallery.

To learn more about permanent eyebrow restoration and solutions to thinning hair for men and women schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor.

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