Eyebrow Enhancement at Bosley Medical

Eyebrow Enhancement at Bosley Medical


The highly artistic Eyebrow Restoration procedure uses the same advancements and micro-technologies as scalp hair  restoration.  A brow is individually designed and based on your specific features, facial type, and desired results.

Kelley Becker Before and After

Eyebrow restoration can help to completely restore brow hair,  achieve a fuller, more natural brow line  and to touch up small areas of hair loss in the brows.  Eyebrow restoration helps enhance facial features and better frame the eyes while improving expression and facial animation.

There are three levels of eyebrow restoration:

A complete eyebrow restoration might be a good option for those who are born with almost no brow hair.  This full brow restoration involves 200 or more grafts with most patients finding that one procedure is sufficient.

An eyebrow enhancement typically involves between 101 and 199 grafts.  In this case, most patients will feel that a single procedure is sufficient.  However, a touch-up procedure can be discussed with a Bosley physician later.

A touch-up eyebrow restoration is for those with small areas of brow hair loss possibly due to scars, over-plucking and genetic causes.  A touch-up eyebrow procedure is typically 50-100 grafts with most patients satisfied with a single procedure.

You can learn more about Bosley eyebrow restoration by scheduling a free, private consultation with a Bosley Counselor.