How is the Cost of a Hair Transplant Determined? Is Financing Available?

May 18, 2012
How is the Cost of a Hair Transplant Determined?  Is Financing Available?

Hair transplant cost, generally speaking,  is determined by the number of “grafts” in the procedure.  A graft can contain 1,2,3 or even 4 hairs.  The smaller groupings are placed toward the front while the larger groupings are placed at the back, creating a natural look and restored hairline that is virtually undetectable.

Procedures are more expensive the greater the number of grafts, which can be dependant on the level of hair loss, your specific goals, the quality of your hair i.e. coarseness, color and curl, and the donor hair amount.  It is important to note that the cost associated with hair transplantation is unique to the individual.

The following represents a range of grafts for Bosley permanent hair restoration:

  • Norwood Classes II-IV=600-1,200 grafts
  • Norwood Classes IV-VI=1,500-3,000 grafts
The Norwood Scale illustrates levels of hair loss for men and includes classes 2-6.  Class 2 is characterized with a hairline that is receding and a “widows peak” while Class 6 is a patient with major hair loss but with available donor hair.
Female baldness is illustrated by the Ludwig Scale and its Classes 1-3.  Female baldness is typically characterized by a general thinning on the crown of the head.
Bosley offers financing for hair restoration procedures through multiple payment options o help manage out-of-pocket costs.  Your Bosley Senior Counselor will discuss with you how to make your restoration goals possible.  Learn more about Bosley hair transplantation cost and available financing.
*Only a Bosley physician can determine your candidacy for hair transplant surgery and provide you with a definitive answer on cost.
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