What is the cost of an Eyebrow Restoration procedure?

What is the cost of an Eyebrow Restoration procedure?

Eyebrows are something most of us take for granted but notice almost immediately when they are too thin, patchy or have been tattooed. There is a solution for eyebrows that allows for a complete restoration, enhancement or touch-up.

Innovation, technological advancement and unparalleled artistry from Bosley physicians have effectively created solutions where results are completely natural looking and virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. These results have gone beyond that of scalp hair transplantation and are now available for eyebrow restoration.

A touch-up eyebrow restoration is for those who have small areas of hair loss in the brows due to scars, over-plucking or genetic causes. This procedure typically involves 50-100 grafts with most patients satisfied with one procedure.

The typical eyebrow enhancement involves 101-199 grafts. Most patients are satisfied with one procedure, though a touch up can be discussed with a Bosley physician and performed later if desired.

Bosley Free Consultationcomplete eyebrow restoration could be for those who were born with almost no brow hair.  The typical full brow restoration involves 200 or more total grafts.

The cost associated with the procedure is as individual as the patient and is dependent on your goals.  However, generally speaking, the cost of hair transplantation or eyebrow restoration is based on a per-graft basis.  The greater the number of grafts in the procedure, the higher the cost.

During a free, private consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor a typical range of cost will be provided but only a Bosley physician can provide you with a definitive answer on cost.