In this phase, the hair in the bridge area starts to disappear. Once the hairs completely vanish, it leaves a single large bald area on the front and top of the scalp. During the treatment for this stage, the hair is restored from the donor areas. Donor areas include the hair on the sides of the scalp, which remain relatively high.
Read our patient stories and reviews below, to get a better understanding of the type of results you can expect at Bosley Medical.

Bosley Norwood Scale Class 6 Hair Transplant Patient Reviews:

Patient Review Tom M.

The people I have met at Bosley Medical have been excellent — I know this after three procedures – everyone from the receptionist to the nurses. The procedures were always explained well so I knew what was happening at all times. I was not uncomfortable at all. The [Bosley Medical] staff did everything to make sure I had everything I needed. They were always concerned with my well-being. I am very happy with the results: they did an excellent job. I feel like a new person! It looks really good and more than met my expectations. (Minneapolis)

Patient Review T.K. (MD)

I have had a tremendous change in my appearance after receiving hair restoration at Bosley Medical. I underwent several procedures in the Dallas office over the course of several years and have been extremely pleased with the results. They’ve certainly exceeded my expectations. If I had it to do over, I just wish I’d started sooner.

Patient Review Louise and Ed P.

Thank you for the surprisingly pleasant procedures that my son and I experienced [at Bosley Medical]…your staff’s professional and yet personal care, assistance, friendliness, patience, and sense of humor were greatly appreciated…you are quite a team!! Considering that it was the first procedure for my son Edward and me, we were a little bit apprehensive about what to expect, but Armyn, your Senior Counselor, put us at ease with his “customer care.” He answered numerous questions that we had prior to the day of the procedures. You make teamwork and customer care what it should be.

Patient Review Richard C.

I was very disappointed to experience hair loss at such a young age. I lost my self-confidence as a result of my appearance. I found out about Bosley Medical through a fitness magazine and I saw a videotape and the Bosley Medical infomercial. After my procedure, I feel really great about my hair. I feel young and confident again — really happy about how I look. (Bayshore, NY)

Patient Review B.D.

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work you [Bosley Medical] did on my grafts… it was nice getting to know you all. I waited nine years to finally get the procedure done and am already excited about getting the next one done. Thanks again and keep on graftin’… Thanks for your many years of experience and knowledge on the procedure. It made me feel at ease to hear you tell me that… Thank you for making the procedure painless… for making me feel relaxed and taken care of during my procedure… You all seemed very focused on making the entire procedure comfortable… See you again [at Bosley Medical] for another procedure in about a year or two.

Patient Review C.B.

I wanted undetectable, natural looking hair transplants. I would have preferred to stay the way I looked rather than to have an obvious kind of transplant. The plug look never appealed to me. I had a co-worker who underwent that procedure in the early nineties and he was swollen, bruised and feeling miserable immediately after surgery. Once I saw the results of the modern Bosley Medical technique, however, it was a no-brainer decision. With these transplants, you can’t tell I had them done, and I feel great about my new image. The response from the viewing public has been tremendous. People are amazed at the remarkable change I’ve attained. Viewers continually ask me about hair transplantation, and I love to tell them, “Who doesn’t like to be told they look good?”

Patient Review Daniel W.

I am writing to make you personally aware of the type of service as well as the image that is being represented at [Bosley Medical] Chicago office. I make my living as a police officer, so I am trained to be very observant… John Sunde as well as Dr. Frost were extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional at all times. They made me feel very confident about making Bosley my choice… .I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased I am to have made that decision! From the moment I arrived for my procedure, until the moment I left, I was treated with the highest degree of professionalism. The offices were immaculately clean and the entire staff appeared very well groomed. Everyone appeared to work extremely well as a team and made me feel quite comfortable at all times… afterwards, everything was explained in full detail about the healing process and Dr. Frost gave me a direct number to reach him in case I had any questions or complications. On a scale of 1 through 10, [Bosley Medical] Chicago ranks an 11.

Patient Review Gary S.

Before my hair transplant at Bosley Medical, I felt shortchanged in life. The lack of hair made me feel incomplete. After my procedure, even I was shocked by how unbelievable I looked and felt. Had I only known about Bosley Medical earlier! Bosley Medical gave me back what I lost 25 years ago.

Patient Review J.C.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the professional service I received from your [Bosley Medical] team at the Boston office. From my first interview with Stan Goldstein through my final procedure with Dr. Phillips, I was treated with the utmost courtesy, respect and professionalism. It was comforting to have such a dedicated and compassionate team of professionals perform my procedure and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of similar care.

Patient Review J.V.

I have been to see Dr. Phillips [at Bosley Medical] and have decided to forego additional work. I am overwhelmed with the results and feel at my age (62) that what has been done is about right. I discussed this with Dr. Phillips and he said that this was not uncommon and my walking out satisfied is really the goal of Bosley. I agree!…

I had plugs done in the mid to late 1980′s. I was a typical male pattern baldness candidate unhappy with the fact that I was losing my hair, something no one else in the family was: just me! I underwent 3 separate sessions and was pleased with the results. My hair is very curly and the plugs were not noticed easily. This was sufficient until the last few years when the original hair was rapidly disappearing and the space between the plugs was apparent. I wrestled with more grafts as I was not sure if my hairline could look natural. After watching the infomercial on new techniques…I made up my mind to make an appointment to see what was possible. When I met Mr. Frank Richards my first thought was, ” why can’t I have hair like him?”. I nearly fell over when he revealed he was a benefactor of hair restoration in essentially the same category as I was in the 80′s. I decided to go for it! I knew I wouldn’t approach complete restoration, but felt I could look as if I were thinning a bit but still had enough to look “good”. I went to Boston on Jan 04. From the time I walked into the office I was treated as I was an old friend in for a visit. Everyone knew my name and were constantly attending to my needs. Dr. Phillips explained what he wanted to do and soon started. As I got comfortable I felt a tugging on the back of my head. I asked if he was started to cut the donor area. He said he was stitching up and the girls were separating the grafts. I was allowed up to witness this most amazing technique of sorting grafts. I sat back down and before I knew it I was done. The days and weeks went by without a hitch. No soreness or unsightly stitches. Now that I have nearly matured growth, I cannot believe how natural my hair looks.

At a family reunion this summer a conversation was struck in regards to hair restoration, liposuction, etc. I mentioned I was thinning and a relative looked directly at my head and said, “You don’t need anything done, your hairline is perfect!” That was all I needed!

Patient Review M.B.

I have had the pleasure of two sessions at the [Bosley Medical] facility in downtown Seattle. Although it had been more than a year between sessions, the professionals recognized me and made me feel so very welcome…I was greeted by Dr. Digby, who treated me like I was a good neighbor he hadn’t seen for a few months. Gracious, kind, and respectful, he reviewed my case. It was a challenging one, at that. I had undergone grafts 15 years earlier of the “plug” variety, and Dr. Digby was calling upon all of his expertise to even things out and make my hair look fuller and more natural… The doctor and his team proceeded to artistically place the new grafts, augmenting the work from the previous year… To those considering a hair procedure for the first time, do yourself a favor and visit this facility if it is in your area. If you have received a less-than-perfect transplant session from years past, I can tell you there is hope to restore a fuller and more natural look. It is a privilege to be under the care of folks who are the best in the business.

Patient Review Michael Q.

I am grateful to the Bosley Medical organization for what they have done for me and besides talking to potential patients I would like to write a testimonial which would be positive for the Bosley Medical organization. I have known all of the people in the Houston office for many years and enjoy their professionalism and dedication to their patients…I can’t say I agonized over being bald, for I didn’t. I can’t say I wore a hat all the time because I was ashamed for my hairless pate, for that isn’t true either. What I can say is that I enjoy my “new” hair. I did it for me, it pleases me.

Patient Review Sean B.

 Just a short note to thank you for the professional and informative consultation. I especially would like to thank Dr. Digby, of course, but also the wonderful staff of nurses and technicians at Bosley Medical who cared so well for me during the procedure… My sincerest gratitude for your talent and consideration … I’m excited to have the next three months “fly by” to view the end result.