Crossing the initial stage of hair loss in class 3, there is more recession of hair in the frontal area of the head in class 4.  In this stage, there is an enlargement the crown area. However, there is a solid growth of hair in between the frontal place of the forehead and the vertex. In this phase, baldness becomes more visible, as the hair loss is high in the vertex and frontal areas. Below are some reviews and testimonials of Bosley Medical class 4 patients.


Bosley Norwood Scale Class 4 Hair Transplant Patient Reviews:

Patient Review R.W. (MD)

I began losing my hair in my mid to late thirties. I felt young until I looked in the mirror. At first I tried to do “comb over” techniques to hide my frontal hair loss, but that soon became impossible. I saw a Bosley Medical Hair Restoration advertisement on TV and called to get the information packet. The rest is history. Now when I look in the mirror, I look as good as I feel. It is such a joy to wake up in the morning to see a full head of hair in the mirror. The staff at the Bosley Medical Chicago office couldn’t have been nicer. Dr. Frost was very thorough in both his evaluation of my needs, in his explanation of the procedure and in communicating his expectations for the end result. I would not hesitate to use Bosley’s services again. I have already recommended them to family, friends, and colleagues.

Patient Review B.G. (MD)

Call it vanity or bunking Mother Nature, but my hair loss was a big deal to me. I researched men’s hair restoration and found Bosley Medical to be the best after careful consideration of all factors. Overall I am pleased with the two procedures that were performed on me and would highly recommend Bosley to others.

Patient Review C.K.

I was a patient at your [Bosley Medical Beverly Hills] office. My entire experience was extremely positive… I viewed your television commercial. Your commercial is to the point, factual and directed me to your website where I could review transplant treatment in the privacy of my own home. Grade = A… Your website is factual, easy to navigate, informative and gave me the opportunity to evaluate myself. Grade = A+. Your 1-800 Call Center is professional and courteous… Grade = A. The literature I received in the mail was outstanding. After reviewing the website and literature compared to your competition, my wife said, “If you are going to do it, use {Bosley Medical} — these guys know what they are doing.” Grade = (I don’t know the grade of a wife’s endorsement, but its value is huge!)… When I arrived in Beverly Hills, I was impressed with your front office staff. I was uncomfortable in a waiting room. They quickly moved me to a private area. I really appreciated confidentiality. Grade = A… Then I met Dr. Suddleson. WOW! I’ve worked in the healthcare arena for 11 years. From urology to gynecology to family practice… I know a good physician from the bad. I know a caring physician from a shark and I recognize a physician who believes in his work. Dr. Suddleson personifies the best… Finally I was taken into my room for the surgery… each person arrived, introduced herself, explained what their job was and then quickly “got to work.” I’ve been in countless surgi-suites where no one talks, a few grunt and the patient is a piece of meat. Not so at [Bosley Medical] – from movie selection… to the lunch menu… to the “all gain – no pain” mantra… your staff really cares. They’re different… professional, confident and concerned… They live your Bosley credo — and you should know it.

Patient Review D.C.

Wow do I get compliments! I happened to be attending my 50th High School Class Reunion, which was about nine months after the procedure. Actually, I thought I was at the wrong reunion. All of those attending appeared a lot older. The general comment was “what was I taking, or was it the California weather?” I actually had almost as much hair after the procedure as I did on graduation day. In any event, it added 10 years to my life, certainly added to my self-esteem and made me feel comfortable with myself. The comment that tickled my fancy the most was one night after skiing at Deer Valley, Park City, Utah. We were all sitting around having refreshments… hats, coats and gloves off, when my eight year old grandson made the comment to his dad, “How come gramps has more hair than you?” Well, that brought the house down… everyone looked around and it didn’t take long to figure out who he was talking about. the old man with a full head of silver/white hair!! You bet I felt like a new man… even my barber is impressed [with Bosley Medical].

Patient Review G.B.

I met with Senior Counselor Tom Butler for a consultation at [Bosley Medical Boston]… I was very impressed with his personalized service and quick response. I expressed my thanks to Mr. Butler and told him about my confidence in Dr. Phillips and the Bosley hair restoration practice. I was so impressed with the caliber of people I interacted with at the Boston office that I want to do more to promote Bosley Medical… I strongly believe Bosley is the best hair restoration practice and employees like Tom Butler are a reflection of your excellence.

Patient Review I.B.

I have just returned to Portland from the Bosley Medical surgery facility in Seattle, the office of Dr. Noel Digby. Like most clients, I had some fear about going through with the program… I was absolutely delighted with all the personnel at the Seattle office. Dr. Digby was most professional and a first class representative of Bosley Medical. I was very impressed with his services and his demeanor. His support staff was excellent and helped me the whole time… I don’t think it could be done any better. I would recommend the office of Dr. Digby to any potential client he may have based on my experience with his office. Many thanks to him.

Patient Review J.A.

My treatment was magnificent! From the phone call I made prior to the consultation to the procedure itself – I give the Bosley Medical organization an A+. Your staff was gracious and professional, truly caring for my every need… Dr. Hamilton has a tremendous passion for this work and it carries forth to the patient. I thought at the time, “this is a man I can put my trust in for a procedure that will literally change my life.” The procedure was almost painless and the staff was professional and accommodating to my every need. After the completion of the procedure, I was able to look at my new hairline. I was thrilled! I now have the hairline I lost in my thirties (I am forty-eight years old). I should have made this decision many many years ago! My life and looks could have greatly benefited… I could have enjoyed my own naturally growing hair years earlier.

Patient Review K.C.

I was so comfortable during my procedure at Bosley Medical that I didn’t think I was even in a medical office. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and yet the staff was utterly professional and highly knowledgeable. It was such superior service, way beyond what I would expect in a doctor’s office. Dr. Suddleson was magnificent. I found out about Bosley Medical from a friend who had the procedure done. I was blown away when I saw him after a few years. That convinced me! My hairline was going fast and I wanted to catch it before it was too late. I can’t say enough about how happy I am to get my hairline back. I can’t say one negative thing about the entire experience.

Patient Review M.M.

I appreciate the consideration and care I experienced during my consultation and procedure at Bosley Medical. I wanted the most advanced and sophisticated medical technology available today and that is what I received. I am now regrowing new hair and notice a great change in my appearance.

Patient Review R.A.

I completed a surgical procedure at your [Bosley Medical] Chicago office. I don’t believe it would be possible for me to have been more thrilled… Prior to making the decision for hair transplantation, I was, understandably, apprehensive. It’s very personal and touchy, this thing we call vanity. There are no easy choices. I discovered Bosley Medical through an Infomercial, then researched further via your Internet site. Your technique seemed logical, and was certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the more traditional approach… I then proceeded to the next step… My wife and I decided to opt for treatment… Our consultant – what a wonderful man — not just kind and understanding, but personable as well. We immediately felt comfortable, like we were in good hands… . Next, I met the doctor. This gentleman, too, has personality in abundance. Excellent bedside manner, and obviously qualified yet unpretentious. That’s a rare combination. He presented himself as being a sincere, genuine physician. My praise, however, doesn’t end with these two. I would be derelict not to state my joy in being attended by the nursing staff. They were the ones that sealed my high opinion… All of your nurses were not only non-judgmental, but in fact supportive of my decision. I left your [Bosley Medical] facility feeling completely secure with my choice, free of any regrets… . To sum this up, your group is exemplary. My command of the English language lacks the volume required to adequately express how pleased I am and how proud you should be. The [Bosley Medical] Chicago staff should be the standard by which other offices are judged.

Patient Review A.S.

A thousand words would not express how happy I personally feel about my transplantation procedure performed at Bosley Medical… You are true artists in hair restoration… I recently retired, after 48 years, as the CEO of a company that employed approximately 150 employees… When I decided to have hair transplantation, I visited four known hair restoration organizations, including yours [Bosley Medical]. I can recognize a well-managed organization and in my opinion, no other company compared as favorably as Bosley Medical did. My personal consultations with one of your staff doctors… gave me the confidence to have the procedure. Whenever I see and comb my hair, I am absolutely delighted.

Patient Review B.H.

I feel absolutely great about the procedures I had at Bosley Medical. After going into the consultation appointment and recognizing how professional and personable the staff was, I knew that this is where I wanted to go. The grafts took a number of months to completely grow in, but I was looking at the procedures as a long-term investment — and an investment that got better and better after each procedure. I would be frightened to know what I would look like today had I never done them. They have changed my life in many subtle ways, which have a large accumulative effect. How I interact with old friends, new faces, colleagues, and the opposite sex — all have been dramatically affected. When I know I look good, I tend to be more assertive than when I don’t think I do. Getting my hair back at Bosley Medical gave that self-esteem back again. End of story.

Patient Review C.M.

I want to personally take the time to thank you [Bosley Medical] for having a great staff. I have received 3,000 grafts and Dr. Andrews is my doc… The nurses are very friendly and the results are amazing.