Class 3

In Class 3 of the Norwood Scale, based male pattern baldness, the temporal hair recession from the juvenile and adult hairline is receded and prolonged. At the start of this phase, patients experience a lot of male hair loss. The next stage of a receding hair line is characterized by the deepening temporal recession. In this stage, there is a significant decline in hair above the temple, as well as the forehead. See below for the before and after images and some patient reviews provided by class 3 patients at Bosley Medical.

Bosley Norwood Scale Class 3 Hair Transplant Patient Reviews:

Patient Review M.N.

At [Bosley Medical] you gave me exactly what you promised! Your staff was very professional and made the experience go smoothly. Dr. Carlson was the best! He is an artist and a very compassionate physician. He’s wonderful to deal with!

Patient Review D.R.

Some of the positives about Bosley Medical are the following: at all times, I was informed of the exact costs involved by the staff — no hidden costs. I was shown pictures of how many grafts others had so I could determine my own needs. (I believe this area is very crucial to the client since a hair graft is hard to define in terms of pure numbers). When I left the office that day, you had my complete post procedure in terms of medicine and what to do. But the best experience I had was with your staff. It started with Rick, the counselor, and ended with the shampoo girl… I really enjoyed the doctor who transplanted my hair. He was a little cocky, but I liked that about him because I felt confident of his ability. He was very upfront and knowledgeable at all times… Thanks again for your service. (Ohio)

Patient Review D.B.

My journey began in 1997 at the age of 24 when I first visited the Bosley Medical Houston office regarding my growing concern for my receding hairline. At that first meeting, your staff was very professional and I felt they were quite honest with me. They gave me no illusions that I would ever have the full head of hair I once had in my teens and early twenties, but that we could begin to tackle the problem early on and help me maintain the mature hairline nature intended despite my genetic predisposition for male pattern baldness. The Bosley Medical staff was very accurate in predicting what my hairline might look like in five to ten years. As it turned out, because of financial reasons and my own decision to delay the procedure for a few years to try alternative treatments, I would learn just how accurate your staff’s prediction of my balding pattern would become. During the period between 1997 and 2002, I have tried many treatments at a very high cost and the results have been — well, to be honest, there were no results to report – no delaying the inevitable, not even peach fuzz, nothing. Over the years I have used finasteride, beta prostrate, saw palmetto, nettle seed, tea tree oil and the ever-expensive Kevis… costing me upward of $1,200 to no avail. I do some theatre acting and offers seem to dwindle the more hair I lose… finally now at age 29… I decided it was time. Time for me to quit flushing my hard-earned money down the toilet to snake-oil remedies and take control of my situation before I could see my own reflection on the top of my shiny, bald head!… I went for a consultation and was shown my old photograph from 1997 and compared it to my current hair loss today. Yes! The Bosley Medical staff got it right. They predicted exactly where I am today. Next, I was visited by the doctor, who was very personable and he went over exactly what was going to be done, how many grafts he recommended and what my future hair loss maintenance would entail… Needless to say, so far with the procedure complete, I am truly and thoroughly satisfied and all my questions, fears, or anxieties were gone even before the operation began because I knew I was being operated on by the pioneers of this industry and that I was in good hands. Now, I just cannot wait for my new hair and for my new life to begin.

Patient Review E.K.

Thank you [Bosley Medical] for giving me an opportunity to have hair restoration. I was thinking (whether or not) I should have a hair restoration because I thought it was too hard, but I decided to have the hair restoration and I’m very happy for what I did. It was very easy and a big result. I recommend it to the people who are thinking about it – to stop thinking and decide… experience hair restoration and change your life.

Patient Review J.D.

I just wanted to drop you a letter to tell you how happy and thoroughly satisfied I am with the Bosley [Medical] procedure I underwent last summer… Dr. Grossenbacher was my surgeon and he was wonderfully competent in every way. He very conscientiously replaced my receding hairline and now that the hair has begun growing in, I’m extremely pleased with the completely natural-looking results!… Your NYC staff, including my counselor Jim, was very helpful in preparing me with realistic expectations and I must say, my expectations are exceeded in every way!

Patient Review P.K.K.

I didn’t have a hair transplantation because of low self-esteem; but it does give me a boost. As a dermatologist, I am happy with my life; my financial and personal obligations are satisfied. I correctly thought that more frontal scalp hair would improve my appearance and my general happiness. Financially, I could have a fancy car, big screen TV, and the latest electronic gadget. But scalp hair has given me much more personal satisfaction than these physical possessions. The enhancement of my physical appearance, whether with scalp hair or neat clothes, has made some personal interactions more positive. We shouldn’t judge a person solely by their appearance; and I was initially hesitant to have a transplant because it seemed to border on vanity. But I know that when I look better facially, I will be more inclined to want to be healthy by eating well and exercising. I’m very happy that I had my procedure, and I look forward to having a second procedure. For my patients who might benefit from hair transplantation, I gladly “reveal” my procedure and discuss my good experience with Bosley Medical. I interviewed many hair transplant surgeons, and I sought the comments of my fellow dermatologists. I was impressed with Bosley’s staff professionalism and personal touch.

Patient Review O.B.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the Bosley Medical staff for the care and professionalism they extended to me during my procedure… Everyone made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed, always checking to see if I was in any pain and to help if I was. They turned what could have been a stressful procedure into an easy morning. Thanks for a great job.

Patient Review T.P.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I was with my procedure [at Bosley Medical] in Atlanta. I’d been putting this off since 1999, mainly because of my fear of pain. Before and during my procedure, there was actually very little (if any) pain, only a very, very slight stinging sensation from the shots. In addition, the nurses did a fantastic job making me as comfortable as possible throughout the entire procedure. There was also NO pain or problems after my procedure. In fact, we went out to dinner the same night after the procedure and cruised around Atlanta. The medications supplied to me were more than sufficient for assisting with sleeping or any potential post-op pain, which as I stated, I experienced no problems. Now, my only regret is that I waited so long! I feel silly for being so afraid. I would go back for another procedure tomorrow if I had to, and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is reluctant to proceed because of the same fears that I had. If you ever need my assistance, I would be happy to stop by the office to meet any prospective patients who would like to speak with someone who has had the procedure… I’d be more than happy to help alleviate any fears or concerns that your patients may have.

Patient Review B.B.

I would like to share this personal letter informing you of the wonderful Bosley Medical institute you have in Chicago. With great delight and overwhelming satisfaction, I now have a decent head of hair… (The staff) listened, believed, supported and encouraged me with medical information and realistic assessments of what was best for me. Their skill of replacing hair from the back of my head to the front and top is incredible! You truly have a medical group that can cultivate tomorrow’s dreams today, working together in an onward, positive, and diligent work environment… I started to have hair loss about ten years ago. As many guys would do, I tried many methods of covering my bald spot on the back of my head, but I couldn’t do much for my hairline. Then I grew a bushy mustache which I kept for many years and twice grew a beard to somehow compensate for my hair loss… The Bosley Medical Clinic informed me of several treatment options, and (the doctor) recommended the best treatment for my case during our consultation. I remember telling him about my personal goals of what I would like to achieve, and how he presented a realistic approach for me. Together we decided on the course of action. I felt very confident, and naturally I was excited about achieving a decent head of hair. Finally! At the Bosley Medical clinic, I was well informed of everything I needed to know. The consultations, written information provided to me, the costs for the procedure, and the discussions we had at the beginning of each procedure made everything clear… The Bosley Medical staff was very professional in working with me. They were friendly and very courteous to me at all times… I had a full understanding of the medical procedures and its fees. The presurgical and postsurgical instructions were easy to follow. I believe the professionalism and medical care I received were just outstanding. I was also kept informed during every procedure. What a great team you have in Chicago! I felt very safe and comfortable because of their expertise and humane approach in working with me… When I look in the mirror now, it reminds me of what I used to look like twenty years ago.

Patient Review D.J.

When I received the photos from my brother’s wedding, I was shocked at the way I looked. My hair loss upfront was very noticeable. As an athlete, I am supposed to be in great physical shape. But you can’t work out your hair! My experience at Bosley Medical with Dr. Andrews was wonderful. It was an easy procedure and very comfortable. I would recommend hair restoration to anyone.

Patient Review E.H.

I came to [Bosley Medical Jacksonville] a couple of weeks ago…that appointment went very well. I want to thank you for being a great guy and a gentleman. You have a very good way of explaining the process and you are extremely truthful. I know my procedure was in Atlanta, but this great experience began with you. Thanks you again.

Patient Review F.S.

Two years ago, I walked into the Bosley Medical office in Houston. At that time, I met with Michael Tamburri and Dr. Steve Crawshaw. From that first meeting, I felt that I could trust these people. I have since had two transplant procedures. Each member of the staff treated me to the most professional and courteous service I have ever experienced. I have been completely satisfied with both medical procedures… Please inform the members of your Houston team of my appreciation for their service during our two-year association. I thank you for providing both the medical technique and the culture of high quality customer service that has been of great personal benefit to me.

Patient Review J.P.

 I am 47 years old and share many traits with my father. Baldness is not one which I look forward to… I have had two procedures and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Aragoni and the entire [Bosley Medical] staff in the San Francisco office have been wonderful. I now look forward to various family gatherings when I am often asked if I am the “youngest” brother, even though we have a ten-year spread in our ages. I have always acted and felt much younger than I really am, and Bosley Medical now lets me look that way as well. Thanks.