Class 2

The progression of male pattern baldness is measured on the Norwood Scale; Class 2 suggests that the mature and adolescent hairline, which rests at a distance of at least 1.5 cm above the upper brow crease, is receding. Prior to this phase, the adolescent or juvenile hairline has fairly receded, and its progression to adult/mature hairline is termed under class 2 of male pattern baldness. It starts by the beginning of a receding hairline and a widow’s peak forms on the forehead.

Bosley Norwood Scale Class 2 Hair Transplant Patient Reviews:

Patient Review D.S.

Before my Bosley Medical hair restoration, I thought about my hair constantly: What if the wind blows the wrong way? I hope the sun doesn’t shine down on me. Is everyone looking at my bald head? I no longer think about these things. In fact, I don’t even care. If the wind blows, it’s just a cool breeze to me. The sun now warms me. Everyone is not looking at my head! And if they are, I say to myself, “Go ahead and look. Looks good, doesn’t it?” Because of Bosley Medical, I can now enjoy my life instead of worrying about my hair the first thing in the morning when I look in the mirror.

Patient Review L.K.

The [Bosley Medical] staff in Scottsdale, AZ made the procedure I received very comfortable and relaxing. Everyone and everything was very professional and helpful. The consultation…was very honest and thorough. Dr. Hamilton and his medical assistants were very proficient throughout the procedure. Rebecca and the other receptionists are very knowledgeable and made all of the information needed available to me so I would know what to do before and after the procedure. EVERYONE was very friendly and created a wonderful atmosphere I will recommend hour procedure to anyone I know.

Patient Review M.P.

I would like to thank you [Bosley Medical] for my second successful surgery… Now after a year, I can see the full procedural benefit as the transplanted hair has reached cutting length a couple of times. Certainly well worth the wait. I am extremely satisfied with the results… I would especially like to thank Dr. Andrews who did two fabulous, subtle, yet artistic procedures with very little subsequent discomfort, and no scarring, cranial numbness, or any noticeable unsuccessful areas of transplanted hair… I would like to thank the Bosley Medical team of professionals who assisted Dr. Andrews. The team put me at ease and did a fabulous job… I am again so impressed by the staff and the procedure and especially magician man, Dr. Andrews, that I have scheduled a third surgery… The surgery is subtle and invisible with natural results. Surely no one can tell that I had the procedure if I can’t even notice! I feel like a new person with my permanently redeveloped hairline. I never realized what increased confidence would do for your overall positive perception about life. I certainly smile more.

Patient Review S.N.

This letter is to provide feedback regarding my second procedure at the [Bosley Medical] Atlanta office… (the doctor) and his staff are FANTASTIC!… The whole office is systematically organized and instills the value and perception of confidence. They’ve made it easy and they’re all attractive… I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is to go home, take your meds, and take a nap immediately after the procedure… I have no swelling, no discomfort, I don’t feel the stitches and everything’s great.

Patient Review G.G.

Your whole crew in [Bosley Medical] Boca is perfect — that they put up with my jokes for 5-6 hours and still focused on my head is unbelievable! Dr. Randy Dean is something like a painter doing a work of art. I am in the Rock business and a lot of people will be asking me for references. I will send them. Thanks to your whole staff… it’s almost like they put extra love in their work. Dr. Dean relaxed me just by talking about the Beatles. Now I really do have holes in my head. My dad always said it to me 25 years ago.

Patient Review M.K.

I had a procedure performed by [Bosley Medical] and I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how incredibly pleased I was with the procedure and its results. I also wanted to compliment you [Dr. Grossenbacher] and your staff on not only being incredibly professional and good at what you do, but for also being really, really nice. Men like myself worry about thinning hair more than some people realize. To have a service like [Bosley Medical] available is really a dream come true…the service that you and Bosley Medical provide is something that’s hard to put a price tag on. I can’t overstate what a difference this procedure has made in the way I feel about my appearance.

Patient Review R.H.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the procedures I had at Bosley Medical Atlanta. Not only am I happy, but my hairdresser can’t stop talking about it. He has never seen a better hair transplantation. Those friends that I have told (because no one else can tell!) say it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have fine, blond hair and the transplants have maintained the normal integrity of my hair type. Best of all, my medical students and residents think I look younger than they do! I can’t say enough how easy the experience was – just like getting a hair cut.