The Bosley hair transplant procedure is a remarkably simple outpatient procedure that is explained in the 5 steps below as well as a complete video series providing hair restoration information.  The video series with three major components, documents Seth Garon’s experience with Bosley Medical of Seattle, Washington and his progress after the procedure.

Step 1:  Your Bosley Procedure Plan

In Seth’s procedure plan, James Aachen-Winans, M.D.  met with him and confirmed his specific goals and plan for the hair treatment procedure.

Step 2:  Anesthesia and Removal of the Donor Hair

Donor Hair Removal during Bosley Hair Transplant Procedure - Bosley Medica

Donor Hair Removal



After Seth’s procedure plan was confirmed with Dr.  Aachen-Winans, he received local anesthetic at the sides and back of his head.  This is where Dr.  Aachen-Winans will remove the donor strip.  After removing the donor strip, Dr.  Aachen-Winans sutures the donor area, which usually leaves a very fine, thin scar which is easily concealed by the remaining hair.

Step 3:  Separation of Follicular Units

Following the removal of the donor strip the skilled surgical staff of Bosley Seattle begins dividing the follicular units.  These follicular units contain groupings of 1-4 hairs, which will later be skillfully placed in the recipient sites.

Step 4:  Preparation of the Recipient Sites

While the Bosley surgical team continues to separate the follicular units, Seth is given local anasthesia in the recipient area where the grafts will eventually be placed.  When ready, Dr.  Aachen-Winans will create each recipient site by hand with specific depth, angle and location.  This skill and artistry is what creates a perfectly natural looking hairline just as nature had intended.  Grafts are placed in a random fashion (mimicing nature’s own placement) with thinner, smaller groupings in the front and larger, thicker groupings toward the back.

Step 5:  Placement of Grafts

Once Dr.  Aachen-Winans has completed the recipient sites, the surgical team (under the doctor’s direction) will begin

Restored Hair Lines thanks to Bosley Hair Loss Treatment

Bosley Restored Hairlines

placement of the grafts one at a time.  The thinner, smaller hair groupings of 1-2 hairs will be placed in the front while the thicker groupings of 3-4 hairs will be placed in the top and back.  Dr.  Aachen-Winans defines the three regions as front, top and back.  The Bosley surgical team in Seattle (as in all Bosley surgical offices) is trained and retrained extensively in the handling of grafts to ensure their healthy growth.

Bosley consultation and surgical offices are located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Search our office locator for an office near you or schedule a free consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor.

The video series below documents Seth Garon’s experience with Bosley Medical and includes his initial consultations with a Bosley Senior Counselor, his physician’s consultations with Dr.  Aachen-Winans and his progress after the hair transplant procedure, which can also bee seen in this photo documentary.

Seth is a creative director for an ad agency in Portland, Oregon who was once in a band and had long hair but his new professional position warranted a short haircut, which exposed his thinning hair.  It was at that time Seth decided  to meet with a Bosley Counselor and learn more about hair loss and have general questions answered on available hair restoration solutions.

After meeting with his Bosley Counselor and having his general questions answered, Seth made a decision to learn more about Bosley’s hair loss treatments and made travel plans to the Bosley surgical office in Seattle where he would meet the Bosley surgical staff and Dr.  Aachen-Winans.

The Bosley Seattle office has an amazing view, overlooking Puget Sound and Elliott Bay.  Directions to the Seattle office can be viewed here.

Dr.  Aachen-Winans received his Medical Degree from the USC School of Medicine and is affiliated with the following:

Bosley Hair Treatment Physician - Dr. James Aachen-Winans

Dr. James Aachen-Winans

-Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a Member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery; the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy and the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

A complete biography of Dr.  Aachen-Winans is available at the Bosley Seattle website.

After viewing the video series on Seth’s permanent hair restoration with Bosley Medical and if you would like further information, order a free information kit and dvd or schedule a free consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor.

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