Bosley Office Locations – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

October 20, 2009
Bosley Office Locations – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Bosley The World’s Most Experienced Hair Restoration Expert™

The Bosley consultation office in Vancouver is located at:
200-1311 Howe Street
Vancouver, British Columbia  V6Z 2P3
Consultation Office

Bosley was founded in 1974 by Dr. L. Lee Bosley.  Since that time, Bosley has performed more hair transplant procedures than any other medical group in the world.

Today there are more than 70 Bosley office locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  To ensure the Vancouver location is the most convenient for you call 1-800-858-7680 to speak with a Bosley representative or use the Bosley Office Locator at

Driving directions to the Bosley consultation office in Vancouver can be obtained by using this interactive map, also at the bottom of the page.  If you are accessing this page by mobile device and need directions, you may need to download Google Maps for Mobile. If your device does not work with Google maps this is another mobile mapping solution that could be more suitable for your particular device.

To schedule your free, private consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor fill out this short form or call the number above.

Bosley Senior Counselors are thoroughly trained to answer your general questions on the causes of hair loss, hair loss treatment options and a typical range of cost for these treatments.  Only a Bosley physician can determine that you are a candidate for permanent hair restoration and provide you with a definitive answer on cost.

Though hair restoration surgery is the only permanent solution to hair loss there are other FDA approved or accepted treatments that could be part of your treatment plan as decided by you and your Bosley physician. These treatments include Propecia® (a prescription drug for men only), minoxidil and the new Bosley LaserComb.

The Bosley LaserComb® is the latest innovation approved by the FDA and the only drug-free treatment for male pattern baldness. The Bosley LaserComb® uses 9 individual laser beams with just the right amount of energy to help promote growth and stimulate follicles.

The Bosley LaserComb® may be used with pre-operative and post-operative patients after a permanent hair restoration procedure.

Visit the Bosley Results gallery to view videos and before and after pictures of Bosley patients.  The gallery includes men and women with varying degrees of initial hair loss and their results (images and video) after Bosley permanent hair restoration.

The map below provides directions to the Bosley consultation office in Vancouver:

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