Bosley Medical – Hair Transplant, Before and After, Consultation Videos

Bosley Medical – Hair Transplant, Before and After, Consultation Videos
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The new Follicular Unit Extraction procedure (FUE) eliminates the thin, fine scar that typically accompanies the FUT procedure.  This is accomplished by individual follicular units of 1-3 hairs (sometimes 4) being extracted from the donor area and transplanted to areas of thinning and baldness.  When transplanted, these DHT resistant hairs will essentially continue to grow forever where genetically sensitive hair failed.


Bosley hair transplant patient’s results can be seen in the Bosley Interactive Gallery. The gallery includes before and after pictures of men and women from a variety of hair loss classifications. Male-pattern hair loss classes are illustrated by the Norwood Scale while women’s hair loss classes are illustrated by the Ludwig Scale.

The Bosley Gallery also includes interactive tools that provide insight into the results attainable with Bosley permanent hair restoration. Tools include the Hair Restorer Photobooth, Before and After Slider, and Hairline Magnifier.

Bosley also offers a free, private consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor. Counselors are thoroughly trained and will answer your general questions on the causes of hair loss, available treatment options that are FDA approved and typical cost of the hair transplant procedure. Only a Bosley physician can determine if you are a candidate for hair transplantation and provide you with a definitive answer on cost for the procedure.

Consultations are available at more than 70 Bosley offices that are located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. To find the office most convenient for you, use the Bosley Office Locator at