Bosley Laser Comb For Hair Loss

The Bosley Laser Comb is the most recent addition to the FDA’s accepted or approved hair loss treatments. Other treatments like Propecia® and Minoxidil differ from the Laser Comb in that the Bosley Laser Comb is the first medical device approved for the the treatment of hair loss.

The most common treatment for male-pattern hair loss has been a topical solution called Minoxidil, which was approved in 1988 by the FDA. Minoxidil has been proven in some cases to slow down or help stop hair loss on the vertex of the head. This has been effective in some cases and has demonstrated little effect on frontal hair loss where most men have the greatest concern. Frontal hair loss is the hair line or temples where many men begin to recede.

Minoxidil can only be effective if taken on a daily basis. Any results gained from the use of Minoxidil will be lost if daily treatment stops.

Propecia® effectively blocks the formation of DHT (the primary cause of male pattern baldness) in most men. For more information on Propecia® and other hair loss solutions be sure to schedule a free consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor.

The Bosley LaserComb is the first and only medical device cleared by the FDA for the promotion of hair growth in men.  This device has been clinically proven to make hair appear thicker, fuller and healthier in men with androgenetic alopecia within Norwood classes 2-5.  The Bosley patient gallery displays patients with these varying degrees of hair loss.

In 2007, the FDA accepted the Bosley Laser Comb as a treatment for hair loss.  This device may reverse or stop hair miniaturization by stimulating the follicle and encouraging living cell production in the hair root that eventually make up the hair shaft.

Furthermore, laser photo-therapy hair treatment has been shown to increase blood flow to the capillaries of the hair root.  This increased blood flow helps deliver more nutrients to the living cells that create the hair shaft.

The Bosley LaserComb is a fantastic alternative for men in the very early stages of hair loss or as part of a complete post-procedure maintenance program.

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