Bosley Hair Transplantation Success Stories – Before and After Results

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Bosley Hair Transplantation Success Stories – Before and After Results


Bosley Medical has performed hair transplantation for more than 35 years.  During this time, achieving more procedures than any other medical group in the world.   Bosley has restored hair for patients in all 50 states and more than 67 foreign countries.

Hair Transplantation Advancements and Technology

Bosley Medical has pioneered many of the advancements in hair restoration surgery.  The advancements in hair transplantation combined with the skill and artistry of Bosley physicians are what help to create a completely natural look and restored hairline that is virtually undetectable.

New Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure

One of the most recent advancements in hair transplantation is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure.

A Bosley physician removes individual follicular units that contain 1-3 hairs (sometimes 4) and transplants them to areas of thinning and baldness. The hair in the donor area is closely shaved so the follicular units can be removed. This procedure differs from the FUT where a donor strip is taken and the follicular units are dissected individually then transplanted to thinning areas.

In men the “donor area” is on the sides and back of the head.  It is in these areas that the hair and follicles are resistant to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the primary cause of male-pattern hair loss.  Male-pattern hair loss is illustrated by the Norwood Scale.  You’ll see that over time, hair thins around the temples and crown of the head.

Bosley Hair Transplant Success Stories/Before and After Patient Results

The following galleries feature pictures of men and women who have had Bosley permanent hair restoration and their results after the procedure:

Bosley Hair Transplant Norwood Class 2 Patients

Bosley Hair Transplant Norwood Class 3 Patients

Bosley Hair Transplant Norwood Class 4 Patients

Bosley Hair Transplant Norwood Class 5 Patients

Bosley Hair Transplant Norwood Class 6 Patients

Bosley Female Patient Before and After Photo Gallery

Bosley Lifestyles Before and After Hair Transplant Photo Gallery

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