Bosley Hair Restoration Information in Baltimore, MD

Bosley Hair Restoration Information in Baltimore, MD

The Bosley Hair Loss Consultation office in Baltimore, MD is located at:

110 West Road
Suite 340
Towson, MD, 21204
Call:  (800) 858-7680

If you are outside the Baltimore area there are Bosley offices (Surgical and Consultation) available throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Information for all 80 Bosley Offices is available at the Bosley Office Locator page.

Consultations are free and private.  During your no obligation consultation your general questions on the causes of hair loss for men and women will be answered, FDA approved hair loss treatments will be explained and a typical range of cost will be provided.  Subsequently a Bosley physician determines candidacy for hair transplantation  and will provide you with an answer on cost that is definitive.

Bosley physician biographies are available at

Additional Bosley permanent hair restoration information is available at the following resources:

Videos:  real-life hair transplant, consultation and time-lapse are available.

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Battle Against Bald:  follow the hair transplant results of Bosley patients over time and see before and after pictures and time-lapse videos.

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