Why women lose hair and what can be done

Why women lose hair and what can be done

Hair loss in women is very common and it affects women as much as it does men. Women also tend to lose hair in a different pattern than men, with thinning occurring behind the hairline with a Bosley Hair Restoration for Womengeneral thinning throughout the scalp. Men typically experience male-pattern hair loss (androgenitic alopecia), with thinning occurring on the vertex (crown) and temples.

Bosley estimates that 20 million American women experience some degree of female-pattern baldness as illustrated by the Ludwig Scale.

Despite the different hair loss patterns in men and women, the treatment options are similar.

Ken Washenik, M.D., Ph.D, Bosley’s Medical Director, explains that genetics is the primary cause of hair loss in both men and women but while male pattern baldness affects 95% of men, women’s hair loss causes are more varied. They range from female pattern baldness, to autoimmune disorders, pregnancy and childbirth.

Following are a few potential (and more common) causes of hair loss in women:

-autoimmune disorders
-thyroid disorders
-harsh chemical treatments

If you a woman looking to understand the cause of your hair loss, a visit to your general physician or dermatologist is your best bet at the most accurate assessment. A medical determination is highly recommended prior to starting any treatment regimen.

Hair Loss Solutions For Women

For women, hair loss treatment Ooptions include the only permanent solution to hair loss, hair transplant surgery, and other non-surgical solutions.  Non-surgical (and often complementary) treatments include non-invasive Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), the technology behind the Bosley Lasercomb Elite® and Theradome ™ Laser Helmet and a Minoxidil based 5 step system that includes Rogaine® foam and Bosley shampoo and follicle energizer. A complete hair loss plan is part of the consultation process and is ultimately decided between you and your Bosley physician.

To better understand the causes of hair loss, available treatment options and a typical range of cost, free and private consultations are available with Bosley counselors, at any of 70 Bosley locations.

To find the most convenient location for you, use the Bosley Office locator. To schedule a consultation and receive a free guide to hair restoration, fill out this short form or call 1-800-858-7680.

Dr. Washenik answers in the following videos questions about blonde hair loss vs. that of brunettes and the potential for hair loss during pregnancy.