Bosley Celebrity Hair Transplant Patient Results – Videos and Photo Galleries

Bosley Celebrity Hair Transplant Patient Results – Videos and Photo Galleries
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Bosley hair transplantation is a relatively simple procedure that is performed at a Regional Surgical Office.  There are more than 70 Bosley consultation and surgical offices located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  To locate the office nearest you, use the Bosley Office Locator.

Surgical hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to hair loss.  However, other FDA approved hair loss treatments could be part of your complete treatment plan as decided by you and your Bosley physician.  Hair loss treatments include Propecia®, Minoxidil (part of Bosley Professional Strength for Men and Professional Strength for Women), and the Bosley LaserComb.

For more information on Bosley permanent hair restoration and available hair loss treatments, schedule a free, private consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor.

Before and after pictures of celebrity Bosley patients can be viewed in several ways.  The Bosley Patient Gallery includes pictures of men and women with varying degrees of hair loss and their results after permanent hair restoration.  This particular gallery includes hair loss scales and illustrations for both men (Norwood) and women (Ludwig).

The Bosley Celebrity Gallery includes hair transplant results for celebrities who have had Bosley permanent hair restoration, including Steve Garvey, Matt Rogers, Rex Hudler, Wade Boggs and Jerry Lopez.

The Bosley Medical YouTube channel has over 70 hair restoration videos from before and after time-lapse images to the patient consultation process and even the new Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure as it is performed.

The following video features Steve Garvey as he explains Bosley hair restoration options: