About Bosley Medical

Bosley Medical was founded by Dr. L. Lee Bosley, M.D., in 1974.  Dr. Bosley received his Medical Degree at the age of 24 from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine and performed his first hair restoration procedure in 1963, when it was in its infancy and since that time has personally performed more than 32,500 procedures.  These procedures are comprised of more than 3 million individual grafts.  Today Dr. Bosley still helps to personally select and train the M.D.’s affiliated with the company.

There are over 88 Bosley surgical and consultation offices located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico with services also available at the Wellness Shinjuku Clinic in Japan.  Bosley physicians are available at surgical offices only.  To locate a Bosley office near you use this office locator at Bosley.com

Bosley Physicians

Many physicians contact Bosley annually regarding affiliation but only a few are offered positions on the Bosley hair restoration team.

Bosley physicians are available in surgical offices from Beverly Hills to New York City.  Links to biographies for each physician and their related surgical offices are available here. 

Each physician has a minimum of 10 years surgical experience while also having been trained extensively in the skill and artistry of permanent hair restoration.  The group of Bosley physicians has more than 90 combined years of hair restoration experience.  It is this technical skill, artistry, experience and dedication to practice hair restoration exclusively that creates virtually undetectable hairlines and naturalness for Bosley patients.

Learning More on Hair Loss and Available Hair Loss Solutions

Bosley, the world’s most experienced hair restoration expert offers easily attainable information on the causes of hair loss and available hair restoration solutions.  For those in the initial stages of research on hair loss and solutions, Bosley offers a free dvd and information kit.  Bosley also offers a free consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor at an office near you.  Bosley Senior Counselors answer general questions on the causes of hair loss as well as provide an explanation of available solutions.

Many Bosley Senior Counselors are also patients who have had permanent hair restoration and have a unique perspective on the procedure and how it has changed their lives.  Counselor biographies with photographs are available at each of the Bosley surgical office websites.

Permanent Hair Restoration Procedure Details

Bosley permanent hair restoration is a remarkably simple outpatient procedure done at one of many regional Bosley surgical offices.  Details of the procedure are shown in two ways for convenience.  First, a simple 5 step text and graphical layout of how the procedure is performed can be viewed from this page, which describes the typical patient’s day.  A more media intensive and interactive option for better understanding the hair restoration procedure is available in a new video series.

The video series documents Seth Garon’s experience with Bosley Medical and his progress afterward. 

Seth is a creative director at an advertising agency in Portland, Oregon.  At one time Seth was in a rock band and had the traditional “rock band” long hair but when he gained his new professional position he decided it was time for a more professional haircut.  Seth’s new, much shorter haircut exposed his thinning hair, which was following the pattern of male pattern baldness both is father and grandfather had experienced.  Seth didn’t have interest in following their hair loss footsteps so he decided to explore his options.

In this video series Seth begins by meeting with a Bosley Senior Counselor near his home, who answers Seth’s general questions on the causes of hair loss while also explaining available solutions.  Later in the series Seth meets with James Aachen-Winans, M.D. at the Bosley regional surgical center in Seattle, Washington.

The series further documents Seth’s complete experience with Bosley by following him through the actual permanent hair restoration procedure, step by step then documenting his progress (hair growth) afterward through a time structured photo gallery.

The video series includes approximately 30 videos in multiple stages.

Other Hair Loss Treatment Options

Permanent hair restoration is one available hair loss solution offered by Bosley.   Others include Propecia®, Minoxidil and the new Bosley LaserComb®.

Propecia® is a FDA approved drug prescribed for men only that helps reduce the formation of dihydrotesterone (DHT), the hormone primarily responsible for male pattern hair loss.  Propecia® can effectively help maintain the native (remaining) hair a person has but also could be prescribed as part of a complete treatment plan with a Bosley permanent hair restoration procedure.

Minoxidil was approved by the FDA in 1988 as a topical solution to be applied to the scalp.  It has been proven to grow human hair primarily in the vertex (crown) area of the head.  Minoxidil has little effect in the area of greatest concern to men, the temples.

The newest addition to FDA accepted hair loss solutions is the Bosley LaserComb, the only accepted medical device to promote hair growth and the only solution that is also drug-free.

The technological advancement in the Bosley LaserComb may be used in pre-operative and post-operative patients to obtain optimal results from hair restoration surgery.  The new LaserComb is also ideal for those where hair restoration is not an option due to being in the earliest stages of hair loss.


Natural looking results and virtually undetectable restored hairlines are created with the technical skill and artistry of each Bosley physician.

Bosley Restored Hairlines

Bosley Restored Hairlines

Some of the factors evaluated by the physician to achieve the goal of a natural looking hairline are age, facial structure, existing hairline and quality of hair, and long term goals.

Bosley offers an interactive look at patients and their results in this photo gallery, which includes videos and email access to some of those listed.  This multi-media gallery provides an interactive flash slider to view a side-by-side before and after look at 5 different Norwood Scale (scale that graphically displays the stages of male pattern hair loss) classes and their results after hair restoration surgery.  Each regional surgical office also provides photos and testimonials of local patients as well as extensive physician’s biographies.

Questions and Answers

Questions are often asked regarding the cost of a Bosley hair transplant procedure.  There are numerous variables that play a role in the final cost of your procedure, which can only be determined by a Bosley physician.  Visit this page for more detailed information on the price of permanent hair restoration and available financing.

Common questions and answers regarding hair loss and permanent hair restoration are available here.  For more information please use the contact information below.

Bosley in the News

Stories on Bosley Medical hair restoration are often featured in the news from The New York Times to WebMD and even popular TV shows like The View on ABC, Good Morning America, The Tyra Banks Show, KCAL TV Los Angeles, Fox News and CBS 46 in Atlanta.

Most recently Dr. David Deutsch of the Bosley Medical surgical office in Beverly Hills was on KNBC News Los Angeles discussing the Bosley HairDX Genetic Test for men.  This new test allows men to better understand their risk for male pattern hair loss.  The test also isolates potential causes for certain types of hair loss in women.

The information provided by the new HairDX test allows a person to better manage their hair loss and explore solutions.  More information on the Bosley HairDX genetic test is available in this article.  

View excerpts from recent news stories on Bosley.

Contact Bosley Medical Institute

Obtaining more information on the causes of hair loss and available solutions can be done by ordering a free DVD and information kit or by scheduling a free consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor.  Bosley can also be reached by calling toll free 1-800-858-7680.