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Men experience male pattern baldness (androgenitic alopecia) as women experience female pattern hair loss. Women lose hair in a different pattern than men do with thinning behind the hairline.  However, the

Permanent Hair Restoration

Permanent Hair Restoration

treatment procedure is similar for both men and women.

Hair loss in women is quite common.  In fact, Bosley estimates that 20 million American women are experiencing some degree of female pattern baldness.

The Bosley Patient Gallery includes before and after pictures of both men and women who have had permanent hair restoration with Bosley Medical, each with varying classes and degrees of hair loss.

Ken Washenik, M.D., Ph.D, Medical Director of Bosley, explained in an interview with CBS Morning News, New York, that genetics is the primary cause of hair loss in both men and women but there are other potential causes that range from autoimmune disorders to pregnancy and childbirth.  Dr. Washenik advises seeing your physician to determine the cause of hair loss.  The other causes of hair loss must be effectively ruled out before it is determined that genetics is the cause.

One woman started losing her hair three weeks after a tumor was removed from her parotid gland.  Jeanine Acca, 36 of New York City, believed her hair loss was due to the surgery so she visited her dermatologist.

Jeanine learned that she had female pattern hair loss and her rapid hair loss was completely unrelated to the procedure.  Her story is told in the most recent issue of First Magazine, Healthy living made easy (January 5, 2009) and in the video below.

For more information on women’s hair restoration, call 1-800- 858-7680 or fill out this form to receive a free DVD and information kit and schedule a free, private consultation with a Bosley Senior Counselor.  Bosley Senior Counselors are available to answer general questions on the causes of hair loss, treatment options and a typical range of cost.

Only a Bosley physician can determine that you are suitable for hair transplantation and provide a definitive answer on the cost of the procedure, but in general, most Bosley patients invest between four thousand and twelve thousand dollars per procedure.

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