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    Bosley Celebrates 40 Years!
  • We Care About You at Bosley

    Bosley is a world leader in hair loss solutions and medical hair restoration. We have performed more than 230,000 hair transplant procedures on men and women from more than 60 different nations who have suffered from hair loss and progressive baldness. Learn more about the people and philosophies behind our business as well as what the world has to say about Bosley Hair Restoration.

    We Care About You at Bosley
  • Class Two Patient

    “I wanted to stay ahead of my receding hairline and hair loss, so I restored the hair I was losing at Bosley. I wash it. I get it cut. It’s my own real hair growing on top of my head.” M.G. Class 2 Patient — learn more

    Class Two Patient
  • Class Three Patient

    “Before my Bosley hair restoration procedure, I thought about my hair constantly: ‘What if the wind blows the wrong way? I hope the sun doesn’t shine down on me. Is everyone looking at my balding head?’ Because of Bosley, I can now enjoy my life instead of worrying about my hair loss the first thing in the morning when I look in the mirror.” D.S., Class Three Patient (currently a Bosley employee) – learn more

    Class Three Patient
  • Class Four Patient

    “I feel absolutely great about my hair transplant procedures. After going into the consultation appointment and recognizing how professional and personable the staff was, I knew that this is where I wanted to go. How I interact with old friends, new faces, colleagues, and the opposite sex—all have been dramatically affected. Getting my hair back at Bosley gave that self-esteem back again. End of story.” B.H., Class Four Patient – learn more

    Class Four Patient
  • Female Patient

    “I discovered hair restoration in my thirties. As a model and spokesperson for a major hair care company, I was more than a little concerned when I began to experience hair loss along my hairline. I was devastated! I have since resumed my career thanks to Bosley and my new found confidence.” A.D., Female Patient – learn more

    Female Patient
  • Class Five Patient

    “Discovering Bosley has changed my life. Only somebody who’s going through what I was going through could understand. I tried so hard to stay healthy and maintain my youth, but I couldn’t stop time and baldness. Since Bosley restored my hair, I can see it getting thicker again, instead of thinner. Bosley has given me back my youth and self-confidence.” P.A., Class Five Patient, and Bosley employee – learn more

    Class Five Patient
  • Class Six Patient

    “I restored my frontal hair loss at Bosley and am particularly pleased about the way the physician blended the transplanted and existing hair for a very natural appearance. I no longer worry about my hair when working out. I can enjoy hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and hanging out at the beach. Bosley made my wish to have my hair back a reality.” B.M., Class Six Patient – learn more

    Class Six Patient

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Bosley Medical provides a platform for both patients and physicians to contribute ideas. This website contains articles, blogs and other informative content pieces about hair restoration, hair loss remedies, and hair transplant procedures. It also publishes findings and reviews of hair restoration practices and publishes quality information provided by Bosley’s physicians. Hair transplantation is a field requiring highly qualified and trained experts, and we, at Bosley, have provided a platform to educate current and prospective patients.

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Whenever I run my hand through my hair, I know it's my real hair and it feels good. I know it's going to be there from now on. Why be bald if you don't have to. You do have a choice to do something about it like I did.–T.B., Class 2 Patient

I first started noticing my hair loss in my early forties, but was in denial about the oncoming baldness as the years went by. I tried different hairstyles, sprays that color the scalp, etc. My self-esteem was sinking lower and lower. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw someone that was a lot older than I felt. I am a musician and spend most of my time on stage under lights. The scalp shows through and shines! I bumped into an old entertainer who used to wear a wig, and he now has hair! I ran my hands through it and was awestruck. I shopped around, and after careful consideration, I felt that Bosley was in a league of its own in professionalism and experience. I now look the way I feel, and this has given me the confidence I need in my business. Going to Bosley was the greatest investment I ever made.–J.L., Class 3 Patient

With the mindset of an estate planner, I took what I know about investments and applied them to hair restoration—return on investment, safety, etc. The Bosley Medical procedure has a phenomenal track record and now I know it is permanent! I tell everyone that my experience was customer-service oriented and professional. If you want back the hair you once enjoyed, without reservation I encourage you to just call.–M.M., Class 4 Patient

I'm fortunate I discovered Bosley when I did. My career as an actor and model was never affected by my receding hairline because I got on it early. Once the hair started to grow in, I became more confident ... not only in front of the camera, but in everyday life. I'm happy with the results, especially when I compare my hairline now to the 'before' photo.–M.R., Class 5 Patient

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work you [Bosley Medical] did on my grafts...it was nice getting to know you all. Thanks for your many years of experience and knowledge on the procedure. Thank you for making the procedure painless...for making me feel relaxed and taken care of. You all seemed very focused on making the entire procedure comfortable.–W.D., Class 6 Patient

“Life changing” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Bosley. It's easy to forget where you've come from because of the naturalness of their work, but every once in a while I pull out the pictures as a reminder of what used to be my reality. Today people look at me, including hair dressers, and they have no idea where I was just a few years ago or even that I had a surgical procedure. That can be attributed to the wonderful doctor who performed my transplant. From the consult to the clinical staff, it was a top notch experience. I couldn't be happier, and I knew it was real the day my daughter looked up and me and said, "Mommy, your hair is growing back." Little does she know that I'm just another Bosley success story! Thanks Bosley for changing my life! –N.Y., Female Patient

Bosley patient Kelly Becker was born with almost no brow hair. Self-conscious and embarrassed, Kelly resorted to heavy pencil application, but the results were unnatural and unsatisfying. Patients with thin brows, patchy brows, or no brows such as Kelly, have found a permanent solution with Bosley eyebrow transplantation. A full restoration typically involves 200 or more total grafts per procedure. A touchup may be done later if the patient and doctor agree that it would be beneficial. Today, Kelly enjoys the confidence of a permanent solution and has found this procedure has given a dramatic boost to her self-esteem.–K.B., Eyebrow Restoration